Saturday, December 31, 2011

Serena Hotel Faisalabad

Faisalabad Serena Resort is close to its business region, on a basic road ornamented by wonderful backyards. Two miles away from the filled bazaars (markets), the Resort is a location for serenity and peacefulness in the city well known for quality fabric production.
The ravishing interior of the Hotel is based on gorgeous pebble floors with boasting maroon, ochre and green list design - a true similar to huge old city homes of Faisalabad; Chinioti Couches with vivid flower tapestry made regionally in Faisalabad; Traditional Ceramic lights giving the place a beautiful yet social touch and feel all together; A huge, gorgeous metal lamp weighs in the reception, offsetting the components walls, whereas the flower flooring emphasize opportunities around a corresponding flower list lounge.
The courtyard is another cure for the Resort guests; the components floored courtyard is designed with aromatic, blooming clay and a middle feature created after an olden-times Nearby rim (Rehat). The vivid colours add to the overall heated and helpful appearance of the developing. In this way, inside of the Faislabad Serena Resort is a real consultant of every day lifestyle. All Resort readers can experience a rush of custom throughout the developing as well as appreciate a truly spectacular experience.


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